Engineering and Plant Construction

  • Repair and maintenance of machine tools up to machining centres
  • Machine tool maintenance in production
  • Repair of conveyor belts

Foodstuffs and Luxury Foods

  • Repair and servicing of tray units during production down time
  • Fault repair service accompanying production in the beverages and coffee industries
  • Repair of packing systems
  • Scheduled maintenance of transporter and conveyor belt systems

Chemistry and Pharmaceuticals

  • Repair and maintenance of production lines (bottling, dosing and conveyor technology)
  • Repair of extruders and Boston welds
  • Repair of conveyor systems

Cellulose and Paper

  • Repairs to sorting and winding systems
  • Assembly of filter systems and their maintenance
  • Repair and modification of production lines

Warehousing and Logistics

  • Repair and maintenance of systems in logistic companies
  • Implementing accident prevention regulations on a high-rack system
  • Implementation of accident prevention regulations on paternosters (to BGR 234)
  • Immediate fault repair service
  • Scheduled inspection and servicing of logistic systems
  • Conversion to packet-conveyor systems and suspended conveyors


  • Building and repair of production devices and transport technology
  • Conversion of a test rig for aircraft hydraulic systems
  • Scheduled inspection and maintenance of production devices and transport engineering

Automotive Industry and its Suppliers

  • Repairs, conversion of presses for brake systems
  • Modification of hardening kilns for brake pads
  • Repair of tilting devices for spray mixing systems
  • Repair of cell pumps and venting units

Glass, Stones, Earth

  • Repair of sorting systems
  • Repair, maintenance and modernising of asphalt mixing systems in production-free time
  • Conversion of conveyor systems
  • Modifying of automatic concrete mixers