Engineering and Plant Construction

  • Dismantling, transport and installing/setting up/test running machines, units and systems in existing production lines
  • Moving complete production lines to new sites (Germany and throughout Europe)
  • Dismantling, transport and reinstalling conventional and CNC machine tools

Foodstuffs and Luxury Foods

  • Moving, installing and modernising a food plant in current production
  • Moving complete waste and labelling systems from Hamburg to Hagenow
  • Conversion and moving of tanks, including piping

Chemistry and Pharmaceuticals

  • Worldwide dismantling, transport and installing/setting up/test running systems and machines in existing production lines
  • Dismantling, transport and installation of kilns, goods inwards and outwards systems and other process machines (Hamburg - Warsaw)
  • Moving production and bottling systems from Hamburg to Wittenberg

Cellulose and Paper

  • Dismantling, transport and installing/setting up/ test running a Jagenberg roller
  • Move of paper cutting and laminating plant from Hamburg to Hagenow
  • Dismantling, transport and reassembling conveyor and buffer systems

Warehousing and Logistics

  • Removal, construction, modification and installation by removers, belt systems, shelving systems
  • Dismantling, transport and warehousing of high-rack systems
  • Moving and implementing accident prevention regulations on paternosters


  • Moving production systems
  • Moving aircraft models and test rigs
  • Moving hydraulic test and measurement rigs

Automotive Industry and its Suppliers

  • Dismantling, transport and reassembly of machines and systems from Italy to Germany
  • In-house implementation of production lines for car door seal manufacture
  • Implementing and integrating extruders into production lines
  • Internal move of presses and brake pad production lines

Glass, Stones, Earth

  • Production and repair of automatic concrete mixers
  • Implementation of production lines and sorting systems