UL certification

We assemble and certify switchgear and control cabinets according to UL508A

Today UL certification is very important for exports to many countries, especially for the American market. Many customers meanwhile ask for UL certification.

A clear competitive advantage, when your machinery is equipped with UL certified switchgear and control cabinets.

The Underwriters Laboratories – UL – was founded in 1894 as non-profit organisation with control and certification function. UL has five test laboratories in the United States and sister companies worldwide. Main purpose is to test products to ensure safety.

The UL508A is a norm to be followed by manufacturers of machinery and production equipment for switchgear, control cabinets and control technology.

In Northern America every single electrical piece of equipment will – before initial operation – be controlled by an inspector, a so-called AHJ (AHJ = Authority having Jurisdiction).
He or she decides if the machinery can go into operation. The UL certification supports and helps the inspector to ensure that safety regulations have been adhered to.

This reduces time and cost intensive approval before going into operation to a minimum. Risk of not allowing the piece of equipment to go into operation or replacements and amendments are minimized.

Offer your customers a smooth overall service through machinery and equipment that is automated with UL certified control cabinets and switchgear.

A proof of our UL certification can be found here on the UL website.