Engineering and Plant Construction

  • Construction of switchgear systems for the tobacco processing, paper cutting, refrigeration system sectors, sandblasting systems, press control unit
  • Rebuild and modernisation of the control system for 30-years-old deep-hole drilling machines with six stations
  • Production of control unit for two automatic lowering units in a mechanical shaft control unit on an electro-pneumatic/hydraulic control system
  • Assemblies/component installation for the intensive care and engraving machine, escalator and material laser sectors

Foodstuffs and Luxury Foods

  • Conversion and modification of production line switchgear systems
  • Construction of type tested (TSK) switchgear systems up to 3,200 A
  • Production of switchgear systems for fermentation process control
  • Switchgear cabinet for depalletising and palletising including conveyor systems
  • Distributor construction for controlled climate chamber
  • Construction of control units for various drum roasters

Chemistry and Pharmaceuticals

  • Production of switchgear cabinets for extruder control system
  • Control system construction for centrifuges for starch extraction
  • Distribution unit construction for production lighting (HQL) with drop-down lights

Cellulose and Paper

  • Copying and modification of a switching system for rolling paper
    — Roll width 3.80 m —

Warehousing and Logistics

  • Extension and conversion of control units for transport systems such as roller and conveyor belt systems
  • Construction of various lighting distribution units in logistic centres


  • Conversion of test rigs for testing engine vaporisers and oil pumps

Automotive Industry and its Suppliers

  • Building of various switchgear systems for rationalizing production lines

Glass, Stones, Earth

  • Building of various low voltage mains distribution units for feeding the complete electrical system
  • Control unit construction for silo units