Electronics and switchgear fabrication

Solutions with system

Our extensive experience, state-of-the-art production technologies and an independent test field with functional test and simulation options are the guarantor of switchgear fabrication of the highest standard. We take care of planning and project scheduling, production, documentation, installation and start-up.

Turnkey automation solutions

Depending on your project requirements, we offer comprehensive turnkey automation solutions, including software development, visualisation and process engineering.

Highest quality and at the same time flexible cost

Important to our customers are – besides high quality and on-time delivery - efficient solutions. With our own, modern production site and a highly motivated workforce, we fulfil the criteria. Franke + Pahl stands for flexibility, know-how and reliability. We assemble and certify our switchgear and control cabinets according to UL508A and UL698A (Industrial Control Panels relating to Hazardous Locations NRBX) as we possess the UL certification, including Canada. A wide range of industries take advantage of  these benefits and optimize their competitiveness by making their costs flexible and concentrating on their own core business.

Quality switchgear – from prototype to serial production

We produce the following types of switchgear in individual runs for your own production or in volume production for machines and systems you manufacture:

  • control and power cabinets
  • type-tested energy distributors
  • assemblies/component installation

We take over the entire material purchasing and, through our buying power, pass on wholesaler conditions to our customers.

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