Engineering and Plant Construction

  • Optimising hydraulic and pneumatic drives and their control units
  • Processing of risk analyses for CE marking in line with the machines guideline
  • Design and construction of test devices for individual machine assemblies and machine parts

Foodstuffs and Luxury Foods

  • Scheduling of production lines for the manufacture of nut pastes including pipeline construction and system control
  • Scheduling of conveyor line for Knoll-Hefe [yeast] in 25 kg film sacks
  • Design of system components in stainless steel with 2D and 3D software

Chemistry and Pharmaceuticals

  • Scheduling of systems in the thermoplastic adhesive sector including system and pipeline construction
  • Planning of plant and pipeline in crude oil refining
  • Optimising of winding systems for adhesive coated textile and film webs
  • Sorting systems for nuclei for plaster fabrication

Cellulose and Paper

  • Development and construction of a paper cutting unit for the fabrication of large format, coated paper webs for the electronics industry

Warehousing and Logistics

  • Scheduling of conveyor systems for high-rack warehouse in tobacco machine construction
  • Scheduling of conveyor systems and endless chain conveyors for 60 l and 200 l container producer


  • Scheduling heat exchanger for large hydraulic tank in aircraft installation
  • Shelving by REFA engineers and job planners for the production sector

Automotive Industry and its Suppliers

  • Design optimisations on hose reaming machines
  • Preparation of machine documentation for QMH for certification to DIN ISO 9000:2000
  • Design and construction of test rigs for long-term testing of individual assemblies
  • Design of production equipment

Glass, Stones, Earth

  • Scheduling and design of system components and pipelines for quartz glass processing