The Franke + Pahl Academy

„Learning is like rowing against the current. Once you stop, you  drift backwards.“
This sentence of Laozi, a Chinese thinker, is our mission statement. Professional training and qualification has been an important issue for Franke + Pahl for decades.
To meet rising requirements in training and needs of an increasing number of employees, we have decided to bundle all training and learning activities in the Franke + Pahl Academy. All steps are coordinated from there, selected training sessions take place in the Franke + Pahl Academy facilities.

With this we reach two targets:

  • to provide our customers with highly qualified experts, technicians and engineers, but with exactly those skills required by our customers
  • to be an attractive employer as we offer training and with it further career possibilities.

Due to deployment of new technologies, systems and processes required know-how and skills of our employees change quickly. As service provider we expect our staff to be flexible and open to learn. In order to meet the demand of life-long learning we support with individual and targeted training concepts.
The offer for experts and executives comprises of technical training as well as seminars for sales, communications and English. For executives we developed a 2-year systematic training program.

Individual career coaching

Another offer of the Franke + Pahl Academy is individual career coaching.
With each individual employee we compile strengths, targets and needs for training and show them career possibilities.  In this context, take-over of cost – partially or completely – can be considered, other financing methods such as via the Agentur für Arbeit is evaluated.
We are there for you, whether a Meister- or Techniker school, reeducation or training, seminars or workshops are concerned.